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Style your home for Valentine's Day

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Every occasion is great opportunity to take time and make your space look better.

It could potentially lift your mood and makes you feel more relaxed.

No matter if you in a relationship, or if you single, take time to give yourself and

your space some love too!

Styling for Valentine's Day could not be easier.

Think about existing colour scheme of your space and chose the shades of red, fuchsia or pink in shades and tones which will match or contrast with your existing interiors.

Buy yourself flowers, the ones which are special for you and you love the scent of it.

Chose flowers which means something to you.

Recent interior trends are all about soft and textured velvets & cuddly fur. While styling your sofa go for cushions & blankets which will be soft and pleasant in touch, you can also add one or two metallic cushions. If you feel more adventurous then chose fun shaped cushions such as heart or lips, or whatever you fancy. Make it your own and enjoy.

If you prefer minimalist look add just one or two accent cushions and a maybe a complementing blanket.

Add balloons in various shapes for fun display around your house.

They are not only impactful but also very ... Instagramable !

You can repat all this styling tips all around the house in the way it suits you best.

Now get some treats, and enjoy the space you have created. You might share it with your gelatines or someone special... but remember to take time and also treat yourself.

Happy Valentines & happy styling x

*All views, styling & photography and written by Anna Urban

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